Meet the Artist

About Reed Navarro

Reed Navarro specializes in floral preservation, resin wall art, and functional artwork. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces filled with preserved flowers from special moments, as well as cheeky pieces with candy, coffee bags, or any other personally collected items.

Reed is a color enthusiast so you often find bold hues and eye catching metallics in her original paintings. She use resin as a way to create functional art for spaces. She like to incorporate flowers, candy, & keepsakes into my resin pieces to preserve a moment in time. Her creative goal is to bring joy, life, and beauty into your space. Reed believe art has the power to transform. When you find a piece that connects with you then every time you look at it in your space you will feel a sense of comfort, excitement, or just overall positive vibes.

“My creations aim to suspend precious moments of joy; untouched by time, adding life, color, and boldness to any space.”
Reed Navarro

Notable Features + Clients