FAQ & Policies


Is Resin Food Safe?

I use a high grade resin that is certified by the FDA as food safe when properly mixed and fully cured. It is also heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How can I clean my Flower Tower, Cake Stand, Coasters?

Hand wash only! You can also use a gentle glass cleaner to give it some extra shine after its been washed.

How long does Floral Preservation take?

12-16 weeks is the average lead time. On occasion that can increase based on how large your collection is or if you get married in a peak month.

Will my flowers look the exact same after they have been dried?

Not all flowers dry in the same hues as they are when they are fresh. Reds will darken to a burgundy. Purples will darken drastically. Whites will turn cream, beige, or even to a nude shade depending on the flower. 

How do you dry out the flowers? 

The flowers are dried in one of two ways. Either through the use of silica gel which removes all the moisture from the flowers or by pressing your flowers.

What do you do with the excess flowers?

I only preserve what is necessary for the pieces you choose. The rest is tossed. However, you can pay extra to have the entirety of your bouquet preserved and mailed back to you.

Does resin yellow over time?

In short, yes. All resin ambers over time! The highest grade resin is used. It has UV stabilizers and HALS in the formula. UV exposure, excessive heat, smoke, etc. can speed up the process. 


UK and Europe Shipping Info?

Contact me directly to get the accurate shipping costs for your items.

Damaged Item?

If your piece arrives damaged, please email me right away with pictures of the box condition and the broken piece. I will find a solution best suited for your unfortunate circumstances by either making a new piece or refunding your purchase.

Lost/Stolen Item?

As a small business owner I reserve the right to deny a refund for missing packages. If your tracking number notifies me that your package was delivered, but you do not find it at your mailbox/home, I have no way to further track your package or replace the item. Please contact your local USPS to file a claim for your missing item.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, I will gladly accept returns. The buyer is responsible for mailing the unwanted item back in its original packaging safely. I will issue a refund when I receive the returned item. All custom orders & floral preservation are FINAL SALE. Please reach out to me if you have any issues with your order upon its arrival. Thank you!